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✔︎ High-quality felt
✔︎ Will not get wet completely
✔︎ Convenient handling stick
✔︎ Easy to use

WOOL APPLICATORS are specially developed for the application of primers. The beads are made of high quality felt, so that the primer species used are not drawn into the sphere. They are mounted on a handy stick which can be professionally and quickly made the primers used on various substrates.
The Wool Applicators are packed per 100 pieces in a convenient reseal able box, so they stay clean until ready to use.

Prior to the application of different types of primer. Use the Wool Applicators for uniform and precise application of the primer. By using the Wool Applicators you are working efficiently.

Get a Wool Applicator out of the box, and close the box. This is to prevent that the rest of the Wool Applicators becomes dirty. Submerge the Wool Applicator in primer that you want to use, then ironing the primer on the surface. Repeat until you notice that the Wool Applicator Primer absorbs no more. If you are not ready yet, please use a new Wool Applicator.

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