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  • Very fine structure

  • Highly elastic

  • Resistant to chemicals and weathering

  • Recoatable wit hall paint systems also powder

Chemical Anchor is a fast curing 2 component mounting hardware based of synthetic resin. Chemical Anchor is ideal for use plane at angles (in contrast to expansion anchors such as anchor bolts) since there is no pressure build-up in the fastening points is built up.

As a chemical anchor for threaded studs, screws and bolts in solid and hollow surfaces such as concrete, aerated concrete, masonry and hollow brick. For solid and durable constructions. If plastic repair mortar for concrete.

  • Drill the hole to the correct diameter and depth.
  • Remove dust and debris from the hole.
  • For optimum strength, the distance between the middle of two boreholes at least 2.5 times the depth of the borehole and to be 1.25 times the depth of the hole for the distance to the edge.
  • Place the static mixer on the tube and place the tube in the gun.
  • Press the material from the static mixer.
  • Do not use the first 10 cm.
  • Apply the desired amount of the smooth mixed Chemical Anchor in the pre-drilled hole.
  • Start under in the hole.
  • Stud or screw the still pasty Anchor Chemical places and so fix if needed during the curing time.
  • If the threaded end of the screw later be removed, rub this in advance with Vaseline.
  • Change the static mixer if the processing time is exceeded.
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