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  • OEM approved and used

  • One to one mix ratio

  • Excellent abrasion and adhesion

  • Sanded in 30 minutes at 22°C

2K Putty is a two component epoxy modified rigid designed for repairing stiff composite plastic and fiberglass. 2K Putty is made to work on all the stiff composite including plastics (SMC, BMC and RTM). 2K Putty is ideal for use on fiberglass parts where extra strength  is needed. This product is intended as an adhesive and filler on the front and rear sides of repairs. Putty 2K can also be used on our Urethane Repair material. 2K Putty adhesives, fills and sands without holes. This rigid adhesive / filler is also used and approved by OEMs such as GM, Toyota, VW and many others.

2K Putty is an excellent stiff filler that is commonly used by the professional plastic repairers by abrasion, adhesion and featheredging features. Putty 2K can also be used for non-structural metal, SMC, Fiberglass, to attach stiff plastic and glass.

  • Clean damaged area, front and back Pro Degreaser and let evaporate completely.
  • DO NOT spray cleaner directly onto the plastic substrate as plastic and “fine“ compositions absorb solvents.
  • Barn front and rear, if applicable, of the repair area with the aid of 80 grit sandpaper.
  • V-groove in the front side of the repair.
  • Clean again by using Pro Degreaser.
  • In the repair of holes/tears, reinforce with reinforcing tape on the front and/or back side of the damaged area.
  • Mix equal parts of Part A and B until the colour is uniform.
  • Bring filler to the front and back sides of the area to repair.
  • Allow to 30 minutes dry before sanding.
  • Around sanding with 120-grit sandpaper.
  • When applying a second layer of putty, cleaned again (step 1), apply a second coat of putty.
  • Finishing with 180 or 220-grit sandpaper.
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