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  • For repairing and bonding of plastics

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Very fast drying

  • Perfectly sand able and paintable

2K Fast Fix Black 30 sec is a thixotropic, odourless, transparent two-component adhesive based on polyurethane, which cures at ambient temperature.

2K Fast Fix Black 30 sec for the structural bonding of many materials, such as thermoplastic materials, thermosetting plastics, steel, aluminium, cement, wood and glass.

The strength and stability of a bond are dependent on proper treatment of the surfaces to be bonded, which must be cleaned with a suitable degreaser to remove all traces of dust, dirt, oil or grease. Thermoplastic materials, such as PVC, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PMMA, etc. can be pre-treated with a number of degreasers. The use of solvents should be avoided, as they could damage the surface. The pre-treatment of all the other surfaces can be carried out with acetone or trichloroethylene. Never use gasoline or other solvents. Perform where possible, from a mechanical shear operation in order to remove paint residues (if any) of the surface to be bonded and in order to increase the strength and stability of the bond.

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