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Epoxy Stick is a ceramic-filled epoxy resin, ideal for fast repairs, even under water. It attaches to most surfaces such as, inter alia, metal, hard plastic, wood, glass, stone. The cured Epoxy Stick can be sanded, tapped, drilled and painted. After curing the Epoxy Stick will be very chemically resistant and electrically insulating.

Ideally suited for use on moist surfaces, even under water. Always the correct mixture: cutting off, kneading and ready for use. For quick repairs of cracks, holes, leaks. For the filling of surface damage. Unique adherence to ferrous and most non-ferrous metals, but also wood, glass, concrete, ceramic surfaces and most plastics. The cured Epoxy Stick can be sanded, tapped, drilled and painted. Pressure resistant up to 75 N/mm². Very good chemical resistance against, inter alia, oil, alcohol, fuels, esters, acids and most chemical influences.

Water leaks, cracks, holes and:

  • fuel tanks
  • plumbing
  • tiled pools
  • water tanks, plumbing, craft, gutters
  • heating of buildings, vehicles, machinery
  • electrical switchboards

Cut a piece of the rod and knead well until it is smooth. Quite simple, cut off the desired amount , the mixing ratio is always correct, remove the plastic and knead the material until one even colour is obtained. You bring it on to any fat-free surface, press it firmly and Epoxy Stick does the rest.

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