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Sanding Discs Blue - 2750_2000


SANDING DISCS are provided with Velcro and the adhesion is optimal on the support pad of your machine. For dry sanding with the machine during all different phases of the repair process. These sanding discs are provided with 15 holes for dust extraction. This high quality sanding paper fits all common eccentric sanding machines with air extraction. The 15-hole pattern is the professional standard that can be seen on 150mm machines from 3M, Hamach, RUPES, Mirka etc. The outer 8 holes correspond to the placement of the holes at Festool 150mm. For machine sanding during all phases of the repair process. With alumina grains, half-open sprinkled, making the discs strong and durable. Use support pads of 150 mm. 50 discs per box (P40 - P60); 100 disks per box (all others).

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