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I.S.M. BVBA in Belgium joins Pro Part.

I.S.M. BVBA has had a different brand in Belgium for years and has now completely switched to Pro Part. Patrick Daels, manager of I.S.M. BVBA says he is happy with this decision and that, in combination with years of experience, expert advice and good service, he can now finally offer a total package for the automotive, industry and construction. Our cooperation enables us to serve you as a customer even better. You can think of a shorter delivery time, a higher availability of our products and training in our completely new training center.

The advantage that our hand soaps have for professional use compared to the standard soaps from the supermarket and the standard garage soaps is the back-greasing effect after use. Everyone is currently suffering from dry hands and gaps. This is due to frequent cleaning with cleansers that do not regenerate the skin afterwards and are not suitable for frequent and professional use. The FRUITY ECO, SOFT GREEN ECO and the TOP CLEAN ECO do this

Pro Part is constantly looking for innovations, this not only leads to high-quality products but also to unique ecological improvements in its products. We are proud to announce that our Multi Sealer now carries an EMICODE EC1 Plus label.

We are proud to announce that Novocom Srl will represent us in Italy and represent us as official distributor. Novocom Srl has had a different brand for years in a part of Italy and has now decided to increase its current market share to the whole of Italy and to do this together with Pro Part International. In combination with years of experience, expert advice and good service, a total package can now finally be offered for the automotive, industry and construction.

Why would you let us maintain the Enviro management checkbook?

  • As support for environmental controls
  • To contribute to a cleaner environment
  • Realize savings in money for your company.
  • To get advice when using cleaners, dosage etc.

In addition to the previous KOMO certificate, Pro Part has also been certified by "Stichting Duurzaam Repareren."
A nice addition to the sustainable business within our company. But that we are not resigned and pursue other goals was announced earlier in the article about the MS Polymer with TUV quality mark, based on MS Polymer technology as an ecologically responsible replacement for PU Technology.

The year 2017 is already starting to run at the end, but at the Pro Part facilities it is still very busy. Particularly after  the Komo certification of the unique Pro Part Panelbonding system and the new Pro Part Multi Use paint system, many international partners need to be trained in these new technologies. As the Panelbonding system, in particular, is currently supported by 3 manufacturers of facade boards, there is a lot of pressure at the education centre. 

In addition to the KOMO certificate previously obtained, Pro Part has been certified by the "Sustainable Repair Foundation" since 21-09-2017.



Pro Part is an active and innovative player in the Industry of facade panel bonding adhesive systems. The Pro Part façade panel system is able to perform under extreme conditions, such as coastal areas and large heights, to catch the wind load and to ensure a sustained adhesion.

With its BodyCare+ line, Propart has now developed a product line together with a cosmetics company, that is covered by the cosmetics regulation and for which no safety sheets are needed. This product line is much more modern, simpler and safer for the user than the conventional products.

You are as representative / manager or group representatives in this industry and after several years you face repeating problems that put your motivation in heavy stress. You have no longer the idea that you get the credits for your work and you are thinking of building your own customer circle.

While many other companies are in the limits of their ability in bonding and sealing, ProPart knows how to push the limits. Especially in difficult areas where the competition doesn’t know the answer to some questions, ProPart knows to provide a solution as 'partner'. Familiar with the latest challenges and through our frequent contacts with institutes such as TUV or construction engineering institutes like the DIBT we are involved in many issues when it comes to improving adhesion and durability.

More and more car manufacturers are embracing the MS Polymer Technology at the factory for the assembly of front and side windows. It has been known that MS polymer adhesive products have a wider adhesion range and fewer Pre treatments are needed before bonding. Our MS Windscreen Adhesive has a TUV FMVS212 Certificate and specs competing PU products.

It's been already a few years since the first Propart Partners in Belgium are started. The cooperation with Inddis and Profive was really a great success. Meanwhile, there are already a number of new contracts signed for in particular the Netherlands and Belgium for the new Year. The trainers of the Propart academy are going to get busy in 2017,because the interest for the Propart Partner plan is very large.